Beautiful and Attracting Water Marble Nail Tutorial 2014 for Girls

Water Marble Nail Tutorial 2014 for Girls on Pakistyles.comAs we know that now it’s a fashion age. And the girls and women even every person of this entire and whole world want to look great and so much fashionable and Exclusive to other. So the people and masses buy and search so many beautiful, fashionable, graceful, dashing, attractive, charming, grateful, exclusive and gorgeous.

Marbling is a way of designing your nails and it has been around for awhile now but not everyone is aware of how big this invention has been in the world of nails and beauty. This design I am going to show you is really unique and it consist of only two nail polish, black and white. The classic colour combination of black and white is now back stronger than ever. The trick of marble nails stands on the constant temperature of your room.

Water Marble Nail Tutorial 2014 for Girls on Pakistyles.comYou want to make sure your room temperature is constant before start creating the design. Start by applying a coat of white nail polish all over your nails; and then in a small glass filled with water (medium temperature) drip black and white polish carefully such as the picture tutorial indicates below.

Water Marble Nail Tutorial 2014 for Girls on Pakistyles.comAfter adding the manicure drops, with a tooth stick start dragging designs (such as below, or any other design you like). Dip your finger in and with the help of the tooth stick clean the area around your nail and then carefully take your finger out of the water.

Water Marble Nail Tutorial 2014 for Girls on Pakistyles.comClean around the nail using polish remover and cotton. Then with add a few white dots to give the design a bit more beauty and then apply top coat. Easy as it can be! You can do this design with all different manicure colours but I chosen black and white because it is really appealing. Enjoy!

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