Unique Eye Makeup Tutorial for Modern Girls

Unique Eye Makeup Tutorial for Modern Girls of the WorldI chose the heading for this eye makeup “Unique eye makeup” because this is something really particular that you don’t see daily. Perhaps you would think it takes a pro to create such a perfect eye makeup but today I will show you all, how to apply this amazing eye makeup in only few minutes. It is perfect because it makes your eyes look bigger as well completely suits as daily makeup. For this eye makeup you will need a black pencil, a medium size (small) brush, white/light beige eye shadow and black eyeliner. Start by applying foundation all over your eyelid and then based on the picture number one, draw a thick line such as the tutorial indicates.

Unique Eye Makeup Tutorial for Modern Girls of the World
Then with the brush, apply the white/light beige eye shadow such as the picture number two indicates. With a black pencil (or liquid eyeliner), carefully draw a thick line very close to your upper lashes such as the third and forth picture indicates.
As we know that now it’s a fashion age. And the girls and women even every person of this entire and whole world want to look great and so much fashionable and Exclusive to other. So the people and masses buy and search so many beautiful, fashionable, graceful, dashing, attractive, charming, grateful, exclusive and gorgeous.

Apply black mascara and there you have! I love the result this eye makeup has. Not only it creates the illusion of a professionally done makeup but also makes you look sexy and your eyes very appealing. Give it a go now! You are going to love it. Perfect for any occasion.
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 Unique Eye Makeup Tutorial for Modern Girls of the World

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