What carpet is best for a child’s room?

To brighten the floor of a child’s room, nothing better than a beautiful carpet or rug pad. Which color and which material to choose? How to properly maintain a carpet? What are the risks for a child allergic to dust mites?

In full development of your child’s room, you chose furniture, frames but something is missing … Have you thought of the carpet? Ideal for dressing the floor, creating a warm space and protect your child from the cold when it plays on the floor, the carpet is a key piece in decoration. What carpet is best for a child's room?

Carpet in a child’s room: a multi-purpose accessory

You hesitate to invest? Let yourself be convinced by just one argument: the rug is THE multi-purpose deco piece by definition. There are many versions of best rug pads and it can be used for:-

  • To define the spaces in a shared room: Do your children have a room for two? Why not delimit everyone’s space with a carpet? It will serve both as “common place” where they can meet to play together, but also border, since beyond that we can very well agree that it is the personal space that begins.
  • To save space in a child’s room: Like all little boys, your Loulou loves to play small cars ,yes but now, his room is small and you have no place to install a nice circuit. The solution, once again, maybe to buy a printed carpet. An inexpensive and simple purchase: many brands are marketing today.

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  • To reduce the noise in a child’s room: When your child moves … It’s running, to the dismay of your neighbor! In this case, it’s impossible to ignore a very thick carpet: this one, besides being pleasant for the feet of your buttocks, greatly reduces the noise of its daily shopping.

Child allergic to dust mites, should you avoid the carpet in his room?

But is the carpet suitable for all children and therefore all rooms? Children who are allergic to dust mites should avoid contact with the source media in which small arachnids have a good life. Unfortunately, among these we find carpets, regularly pointed fingers. Be careful though because not everyone is to blame. Depending on the materials that compose them, some are dangerous for the health of our children while others are not, especially if you are unstoppable in terms of hygiene. If your child has allergic conditions, be sure to check with your pediatrician before buying.

Which materials should be favored for the carpet?

When buying a carpet for a child’s room, always ask yourself the following questions: Does it go into a machine? Is it easy to clean? While some carpets are easy to maintain, others are a real nuisance. Exit the wool carpets: yes they are soft and warm, but they are complicated to clean and remain a true paradise for mites. On the other hand, polyester mats are resistant to these little animals and polypropylene mats are easy to maintain and very strong against the surplus energy of children.

Which colors and patterns to choose?

The choice of the colors of a carpet intended for a child’s room must obviously be elaborated according to the character of your little one. If this one is a “fast”, avoid exciting it more with red or garish colors. On the other hand, if it is awkward, the light carpets may be very quickly damaged or stained … As for the reasons, if you decide to please him by giving him a carpet with the image of his favorite hero, do you do not ruin: in a few years he may get tired and no longer love it under the pretext of the traditional “it’s baby”. Think of playful carpets, some of them contain the letters of the alphabet, others figures, animals, shapes … In short, enough to awaken your child and begin his learning smoothly.

Child’s room Rug: how to maintain it?

To combat respiratory allergies, and offer a gleaming room to your dog, be sure to maintain your carpet. To do this, use and abuse the vacuum cleaner (in brushing mode) and the washing machine. If it does not go into a machine due to its wet weight, size or material, remove stains and dirt by washing with soapy water and rinsing with water slightly. Vinegar. Once or twice a year, do not hesitate to rent a shampooer for a thorough cleaning. So visit Paki style for more best ideas for your kids home decoration.

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